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The Company

Rossi Ceramics is one of the premier Tiling Companies based in

the North West of England. With over sixty years of experience in the tiling industry, the management team has gained a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the tiling trade.

The Company operates from its Offices in Wilmslow, Rossi Ceramics Offers a large selection of various styles & designs of high quality continental Tiles.

Rossi Ceramics Projects: Fulfilling Expectations 

Rossi Ceramics is to be found nationwide in the most varied of architectural projects from the most complex both in the private and public sector. It’s logical that quality companies, important architects and great expectations look and ultimately find partners that live up to their requirements for quality and industrial and organisational standards.

Rossi Ceramics sees its role as a professionally reliable partner whose job is to interface with all relevant parties throughout the various phases of a project providing the necessary pre- and post sales service, both commercial and technical, necessary to ensure the successful completion of every project.




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